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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of past and current projects serves as a testament to the diversity of our experiences and expertise across various industries, including energy, technology, medical, biomedical, and aerospace. These projects highlight our ability to adapt and excel in different sectors, demonstrating our versatility and proficiency in delivering successful outcomes.

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Developing a New Data-Center Cooling System

(Client: Infinidium Power Corp.)

We have completed a project involving POC analysis using numerical simulations of flow, heat transfer, and structural assessments. Our objective was to assist clients in redesigning their products, aiming for improved efficiency and performance. The simulations involve over 15 million elements and transient analysis using 32 CPUs. 

Additionally, we contributed to their innovative efforts by developing a new engineering system based on our POC findings, which was later patented and integrated into their patent application.

Conjugate Heat Transfer in Pipes 

(Client: SunDraco Inc.)

We have successfully undertaken a wide range of activities, including feasibility analysis, product development, engineering design, and providing assistance in the development of new technologies. Our expertise extends to conducting multiple proof-of-concept analyses utilizing numerical simulations and employing multilayer modeling techniques for solving complex multi-physics problems such as heat and fluid flow, conjugate heat transfer, extreme temperatures, solar radiation heat transfer modeling, and pyro flow dynamics. Simulations involved 10 – 100 million elements and ran across 128 parallel CPUs. 


As a result of our consultations, our clients have been able to file patents based on our findings and recommendations. Furthermore, our collaboration has enabled them to qualify for several government-assisted grants, including those from the National Research Council (NRC) and Alberta Innovates, thereby facilitating their product development endeavors.


Numerical Modeling for Optimizing Newborn Face Mask Design

(Client: Royal Alexander Hospital)

We conducted engineering analysis and employed physics-based numerical modeling techniques to assess the airflow in a novel face mask designed for newborns. These unsteady simulations involved FSI modeling of the nasal channels and the facemask with over 30 million elements and 64 CPUs in parallel. 

Through proof-of-concept (POC) testing, we identified design deficiencies and provided recommendations for engineering design modifications to enhance its performance.

Crack Formation & Propagation on Bent Spiral-Weld Pipes

(Client: Major Oil/Gas Company)

We completed transient and steady FSI simulations of flow-induced crack formation on bent pipes with spiral weld across a range of operating conditions. This study considered different bent pipe diameters, bent radius and angles, as well fluid transport properties (i.e., viscosity). 


This enables identifying the flow induced maximum stresses, and the corresponding crack propagation rate for various pipe operations. These simulations were completed using 10 – 60 million elements with 144 parallel CPUs. 


Our consultants have provided simulation & Engineering analysis to:


Stress analysis of pipelines


multi phase flow of subsurface casings

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Cooling of electronics and machinery

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Concentrated Solar System


Molten Salt Heavy Oil Recovery and Joule Heating


Drones Wing Aerodynamics

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